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  Arroyo Molinos, October 1811

French cavalry prepare to charge.

French cavalry catch the Anglo-Portuguese infantry before they can form square!

Meanwhile the Gordons charge and prevent the French from charging the guns.

After several rounds of melee, the Anglo-Portuguese centre breaks!

French cavalry exploiting the breach!

A last ditch attempt by the British to break through the French line meets with mixed results. The British cavalry succeeds in breaking the French line, but the supporting Portuguese and Spanish infantry are repulsed!

Aftermath: Seeing that a retreat was unavoidable, Hill ordered the 71st Highlanders to form a rear-guard and conduct a fighting retreat. Fortunately for the Allies, the French, tired from their night-march and cautious in a hostile territory with enemy forces to their north, put up a half-hearted pursuit before marching north to the aid of their comrades. The Allies fell back onto Arroyo Molinos. There, Hill contemplated his next move. With the Spanish relatively fresh and the French cut off from Medira, he wondered if he should attempt to capture the French stronghold...